Evangelism: Rejoicing for 83,562 New Christians in 6 YEARS!

Africa Missions has trained hundreds of pastors and church leaders in Evangelism Explosion, resulting in 83,562 people giving their hearts to Jesus through personal evangelism!!! PTL!!! (Read more)


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Why would Africa Missions send a missionary to South America? Because in Suriname, they speak Dutch similar to South African's Afrikaan language. What a a great connection!

A few years ago Ron and Rina visited in northern South America and this is their report:


"Together we ventured up the Suriname River in the Amazon Basin. Through a Divine intervention the Lord enabled us to reach “Village No. 13”. This village was dedicated to ancestral worship. We experienced great resistance in the spiritual realm when we arrived. However, the Lord gave us victory through a woman who had a hunger for Jesus for two years.


At first we interpreted her cries as objection to our presence. We soon discovered it was the very opposite. She was the key to reaching that village for Jesus."


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