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See our newest video with our new goal: 500,00 New Church-Nurtured Christians by 2023!

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Evangelism: Rejoicing for over 170,000+ Christians in 9 Years!

Africa Missions has trained over 3000 pastors and church leaders in personal evangelism, resulting in over 170,000 people giving their hearts to Jesus through personal evangelism!!! PTL!!! (Click to see the video)


Bible College Training




Rwanda House Completion

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South Africa, Botswana, Burundi, Suriname, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, & now South Sudan, Ethiopia!!!





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Evangelism Training in Ethiopia!


Pastor Getahun with his pastors and leaders of the Emmanuel United Church in Ethiopia that Herman Hinnsbeeck of Africa Missions trained for personal evangelism. The results were astounding. The Gospel was presented to 12,000. Of that number 2,000 people received Jesus in the last year. (Click picture to read more.)


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Leading the Disater Relief


We have identified 487 AFM families who lost everything in the storm that devastated 90% of the city of Beira. Not only did they lose their personal belongings. They lost their homes as well. Africa Missions has purposed to help at least 150 of these families to re-establish themselves. (Click to read more)



Africa Missions is gathering food, clothing, and finances for roof sheets for the people in Mozambique and Malawi. Cyclone Idai hit these countries with a heard blow on March 15 causing severe flooding!


This terrible tropical storm has blown over these beautiful beaches and displaced 600,00 of our neighbors providing a breeding ground for despair, disease, and great need. (See More)



We have identified 487 AFM families who lost everything in the storm that devastated 90% of the city of Beira. Not only did they lose their personal belongings. They lost their homes as well. Africa Missions has purposed to help at least 150 of these families to re-establish themselves.

Pastor Desire is busy winning people to Jesus in Burundi (Click to read more)


When Ron Kinnear was a young pastor in Cape Town, he dreamed of spreading the love and knowledge of Jesus from Cape Town to Cairo. Now 50 years later the reality is that Ron Kinnear has just two more countries to accomplish this great endeavor. (Click to read more)

We are giving our full attention to the crisis of the Rwanda Government closing 6000 to 7000 local churches! Will you help us? Please pray for these pastors and churches. (Read more)


September 2018—The #1 Church that is closest to meeting the requirements is our Mother Church in Rwanda—the Nyamirambo Church. We have a commitment from the Rwanda authorities that if the paving of the parking is completed the church will be re-opened. What you see stacked above are the pavers drying. Will you help us re-open this church? (Click to read more)


It is reported that approximately 7,000 Houses of Worship have been closed by the government of Rwanda for having failed to comply with new stringent regulations. Of the 16 churches we planted only two were allowed to function as normal. The two churches that remain were allowed to stay open as they had their own church facilities. It is as if we are starting over again in Rwanda! (Click to read more)


Ron rejoices, "The Fellowship Network in declared Rina and me as their 2018—Missionaries of the Year! I emphasized that we are only co-labourers with Christ. He is the one who is building His Church. Our dear friend, The Fellowshp Director of Missions Ken Harbaum, said the award was given in recognition of our commitment to take the Gospel from Cape Town to Cairo."


Click to see our newsletter and new 3-minute video about our new goal, our training campuses, and our challenges in Rwanda with the government closing churches.
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The Rwanda Government came with very stringent criteria for existing local churches. Fortunately, the officials who inspected our campus gave us time to upgrade the facilities.... We still need $2,000 to complete the work. ...Churches where our graduates are pastoring need help to reopen, too. (Click to read more)

The Africa Missions Staff greets you in the wonderful name of Jesus!

Africa Missions Staff pictured with spouses & friends: (First row from left) Margaret & Jannie van der Merwe, Ron & Rina Kinnear, Gary & Judy Gilmore; (Row 2) Herman & Petro Hinsbeeck, Drienie & Sarel Jacobs, Stella & Evert De Beer, Phumlani Mditshwa, Trevor & Rochelle Naidoo, Gossaye & Angela Hamda, Pieter & Melinda Maré, and Zimba Zeb. (Pictured on the right from the top): Peter de Witt, Robert & Susan Owade in Rwanda, Gottfried Schittick, Marlene Turley in the US, and Desire in Burundi. (Not pictured): Innocent in Uganda, Alfonse in the DRC, plus many other professors and assistants.

Evangelism Training Has Big Pay-off!

July 2017—Ron Kinnear Reports: Over, above and beyond…........ and now reaching for the stars! The Lord has blessed our Something Extra Soul-winning Programme beyond expectation! It is a clear indication to us that soul-winning lies very close to the heart of God. Initially, we trusted the Lord to win 20,000 souls (first-time decisions for Christ) within a period of three years (2008-2010). Then the Lord led us to continue and we lifted our sights to trust Him to grow to 50,000 within the next subsequent three years (2011-2013). (Click to read more)


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Celebrating Souls Saved!

2017—This year we are returning to the places we have trained pastors in Evangelism Clinics for Celebrations. We will have banquets, then receive each pastor's' report of how many he or she has won to the Lord. And of course during this time there is much celebrating with the angels over each person won to Jesus! The blackboard lists the number of people contacted, those already saved, and those people who are first-time Christians who are now being church-nurtured!

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March 2017—The new roof is up on our Africa Missions Bible College—Rwanda Principal's House and Team Guesthouse! Now we need to finish this house with doors and windows. Will you help us?(Click to read more.)









Ama-ZING Evangeli-ZING!


Jan. 2017—We are thrilled and excited to realize the pastors Africa Missions has empowered with evangelism training are not only empowered to grow their own churches, but they are changing people’s destinies today and forever, as well as changing Africa from darkness to light one person at a time!


I love to say “ama-zing!” but what is taking place is truly, “Ama-ZING Evangeli-ZING!!!” (Click to read more...)



Raising Up Pastors in Africa!

Dec. 2016—On our recent trip into Central East Africa we had the joy of witnessing 37 new graduates from our 3-year Africa Missions Bible College in Rwanda and our satellite AM Bible College in the DRC! We praise God for each one!

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XYE—Xtreme Youth Evangelists

Aug. 2015—Africa Missions is raising up an army of young people to spread the Gospel!

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2015—South Sudan in March & Ethiopia in June

Our newest News Letter

16-03—Click to check out our List of Needs


In South Sudan—We Trained 235 Leaders To Evangelize!

2015—In March, we marched into South Sudan and in June we entered into Ethiopia! We hold evangelistic training clinics for local pastors. In South Sudan we trained 235 leaders already! In Ethiopia we have just trained


Our Goals in the next 3.5 years in Each Country:

Hold 12 Training Clinics for 750 Pastors, who will lead in winning 30,000 New Christians, and planting 500 New Churches!

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December 2014:

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Ron and Rina Kinnear lead Africa Missions in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in southern Africa and beyond. The heart of the ministry is to evangelize by training local pastors in the Bible, and empowering them with the fire of the Holy Spirit


Ron in Tanzania

Herman Hinsbeeck and I traveled to the countries of Rwanda and Tanzania visiting, encouraging, and training pastors and leaders. They said we were the first white people to set foot into their territory!