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Evangelism: Rejoicing for over 120,000 Christians in 8.5 Years!

Africa Missions has trained hundreds of pastors and church leaders in personal evangelism, resulting in over 120,000 people giving their hearts to Jesus through personal evangelism!!! PTL!!! (Read more)



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South Africa, Botswana, Burundi, Suriname, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, & now South Sudan, Ethiopia!!!





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Ethiopia and South Sudan!

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In South Sudan—We Trained 235 Leaders To Evangelize!

In March, we marched into South Sudan and in June we entered into Ethiopia! We hold evangelistic training clinics for local pastors. In South Sudan we trained 235 leaders already! In Ethiopia we have just trained


Our Goals in the next 3.5 years in Each Country:

Hold 12 Training Clinics for 750 Pastors, who will lead in winning 30,000 New Christians, and planting 500 New Churches!

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December 2014:

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Ron and Rina Kinnear lead Africa Missions in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in southern Africa and beyond. The heart of the ministry is to evangelize by training local pastors in the Bible, and empowering them with the fire of the Holy Spirit


Ron in Tanzania

Herman Hinsbeeck and I traveled to the countries of Rwanda and Tanzania visiting, encouraging, and training pastors and leaders. They said we were the first white people to set foot into their territory!